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North Star Sale Entries

NEW 10/21/19: Four more entries and breeding dates have been added!

Join us on Saturday, October 26, at the North Star Bred Ewe Sale. It starts at 7 p.m. at the Pipestone County Fairgrounds in Pipestone, MN. Check out the full catalog, and check out our entries below.

Lot 19

Bobendrier 18-10
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Maternal granddam was 2010 National champion ewe at Louisville. Sells bred to "Rare Reputation" the reigning Louisville National champion ram.

Bred on 8-30-19 by "Rare Reputation" , ultrasound showed triplets


Lot 20

Bobendrier 18-50
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Had a nice single ewe lamb last Spring. Sells bred to "Rare Reputation".

Bred by "Rare Reputation" on 9-10-19, no count available on ultrasound


Lot 21

Bobendrier 18-68
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This will be the last "Stealth" daughter that we will be parting with. Granddam was MN state fair champion and her dam was Louisville champion 2010.

Bred by "Rare Reputation on 8-26-19, ultrasound showed twins


Lot 22

Bobendrier 18-72
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Dam was 4th at Louisville 2016. Sells bred to "Rare Reputation".

Bred by "Rare Reputation" on 9-13-19, no count available on ultrasound


Lot 23

Bobendrier 19-10
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Dam was 4th at Louisville 2016. Sire was our lead March ram 2017, class winner at Iowa state fair and 4th at Louiville. Sells exposed to "Rare Reputation", was marked 10-8-19.


Lot 24

Bobendrier 19-20
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Top show prospect for next year, will be competitive at any level! Grand dam was Mn state fair champion and her dam was Louisville champion! Sells guaranteed open.


Lot 25

Bobendrier 19-21
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Lamb with a bright future! Twin to Lot 24, sells exposed to "Rare Reputation".

Marked by "Rare Reputation" on 10-8-19


Lot 26

Bobendrier 19-32
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Dam was 3rd at Louisville 2016. Sells exposed to "Rare Reputation".

Was exposed to "Rare Reputation" from 9-10-19 to 10-16-19, no marking date recorded.


Lot 43

Bobendrier Boys 18-03
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Unique pedigree, 14-07 is one of the largest ewes in our flock, will sell Bred to “JD”, 1st place Yearling Ram at MN STATE FAIR


Lot 44

Bobendrier Boys 18-25
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Sanford 715 has been a fabulous foundation ewe in our flock. Rare Regard sired a solid group for us in 2018. Will sell bred to Rare Legacy.


Lot 45

Bobendrier Boys 18-51
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18-51 is a very solid female. She combines Miller on the bottom and the HUGE 16-64 on the top. She has some real knock-out producers in her pedigree. Sells bred to Rare Legend, Sr. Champion ram at the 2017 NAILE.


Lot 46

Bobendrier Boys 18-64
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18-64 is one of the few Rare Legend daughters we will sell. Legend has sired a fabulous group of lambs that are becoming the new nucleus for our ewe flock. Sells bred to Rare Reputation, Champion Ram at 2018 NAILE.


Lot 47

Bobendrier Boys 18-67
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17-15 is a great young mother in our flock. Goes back to the Miller ram on the dam side. Will sell bred to rare Legend.

Lot 48

Bobendrier Boys 19-04
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An early born ewe lamb with great show potential! A half sister to our top Feb ewe lamb in 2018.


Lot 49

Bobendrier Boys 19-29
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Schultz’s 74 has dammed several show sheep for us. The most recent one being our January class winner at the 2017 NAILE. Guaranteed to be open.


Lot 50

Bobendrier Boys 19-42
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A late January ewe lamb that is very upheaded and straight patterned. Will sell exposed to Bobendrier Boys 19-60. (1st place March Ram lamb at Iowa State Fair)

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